What to wear to a casual BBQ.

Hi there, hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this 3 day weekend! My hubs is heading into ACL surgery Tuesday morning so we packed in all the last minute planting – I need him to dig holes in our heavy clay soil and bring over loads of topsoil and compost. I am so relieved we are finally done! We also managed not one but 3 BBQ’s this weekend!

Here’s what not to wear: too much jewelry, wide sleeves, nothing that’s too fragile like silk or chiffon etc. I mean you are liable to get ketchup on it or play frisbee, you have to be able to get around comfortably.

This combo of nautical stripes and blue jeans is evergreen. I don’t love necklace – it seems little too dressy and will complete with the neckline, earrings would be much better.


This makes me want to go find hot pink jean sorts!

Another classic, casual maxi dress and denim jacket.

White shorts and chambray top. I could live in this all summer.

Blue Oxford and White Shorts

Another version.

I wish i can put this style everyday....very comfyyy and light!!

Cute summer dresses are always a no brainer.

Sea Sounds Dress

Check out this adorable mama at a food fair in Estonia last year. I am sure when my kids were babies I didn’t get out looking this chic!