Valentines for kids

If you have kids like I do, then you’ve been busy for the last week trying to figure out what cards to send to school. Valentines are encouraged but it cannot include food, unless your kids are in preschool, then the rules are little more lax. I’m curious, can lollipops trigger allergies? Anyone?

I have 2 girls, aged 5 and 7, so that meant I needed 18 and 21 cards respectively. I had big plans this years, I really did. I came across this lovely website called lil’ luna which was full of creative, beautifully executed crafty ideas for valentine’s day and anything else really. I don’t think lovely Kristyn has EVER sent in something like that for teacher’s appreciation day.


I am a creative genius. Yeah!

Kristyn has several ideas for valentines for kids. I was going to go with this.


Then I started adding stuff that I would need to my virtual basket on Amazon: card stock, sticky dots, frogs… Then I imagined myself having to print all these out, cut all this up and stick all these on those cards 39x over plus writing to and from on the cards…. And sort of left it at that. Then a few days later I ended up at Walmart, realized I am pretty lazy and then high-fived myself for at least getting the cards weeks in advance. 🙂 And 5 boxes of cards cost less than $10. I still had to do some assembly but overall not bad.


All boys got frogs (you are toad’ally awesome), 2nd grade girls got cards with rulers (they are all studying inches and centimeters, so these will come handy plus it has bunch of heart shapes on them) and K girls got Shopkins stickers. Ghirardelli chocolate bags for teachers.

You can also order customized cards from Etsy but these will be quite more expensive.


Dean Penn store: $30 for 30 cards plus shipping

Etsy also has customizable stickers, so you could order a bunch with your child’s name on it or buy PDF file and print and cut at home. What are you all doing for valentines?