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Best things to buy at Trader Joe’s.

I generally end up making like 2-3 different grocery store runs: Costco, Stop&Shop and Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. TJ is hands down my fave though. It has a lot of organic products at better prices than Whole Foods and fancier selection that Stop&Shop and sometimes their prices beat S&S handily (for those who don’t know, Stop&Shop is our regular basic grocery store). TJ’s doesn’t have a deli section or butcher but it has a LOT of variety and their organic chicken is priced really well. I love their spatchcocked chicken marinated in lemon and thyme, easiest Sunday roast chicken you’ll ever make. Throw some potatoes and carrots and you’re good. They also have steaks (tri tip which is hard to find elsewhere), variety of sausages, chicken, turkey etc. I don’t buy deli meats here, I usually go to S&S for that but I do love their cheese section. Costco is great also but TJ beats their prices, you don’t buy a ginormous wheel and selection is amazing. Grab their fig crackers, some grapes and nuts (huge selection of plain, toasted, sweet) and you have a cheese platter done.

I always buy bars for kids for snacks and cereals, their sugar content is lower than regular brands and the variety of quick cooking multi-grain cereals and oatmeals is great.

Speaking of carbs, you def want to buy some pre-baked baguettes. All they need is additional 10 min at 400 degrees and you have fresh, warm, delicious bread. I am not beyond standing at the counter, slathering cold salted butter over it and eating the whole things myself.

Frozen section: LOVE. They variety is ahmazing. Seriously. Organic rice (brown, jasmine) that is frozen in handy little packages, I think there’s 4 in there for $3.98, so great for quick dinners.

Shelled edamame, kids will eat that w little salt and I throw it into riced vegetables/cauliflower (also there) or salads. Both of my girls love their chicken fried rice, so I always stock up on that for those nights when you have nothing in the fridge they’ll eat. And its healthy!

I buy their frozen fish and shrimp, too. I really like their French Vanilla ice cream and frozen waffles (whole grain for $1.99) and frozen croissants (plain, almond and chocolate). Not diet food per se but on special occasion, these are delicious. Take out night before so it can rise, bake in the morning for 25 min and voila. SO much better than William Sonoma croissants and frankly better than some bakery versions.

And flowers! I love the selection and pricing. At Christmas their evergreen bundles and wreaths were cheaper than Home Depot’s or Stop&Shops. What are your favorites at TJ? Do you frequent several stores or stick to one?