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The definite guide to style.

I ask all my clients who they aspire to look like and the answer is almost invariably Jennifer Aniston (classic but safe bordering on slightly boring) or Angelina Jolie (get yourself to size 0 and wear black all the time, you don’t need my help). You should try to emulate a style of a person who has a similar body to your own. Petite women are not going to look like Angelina Jolie. Busty women can not wear same things that near starved starlets wear etc. And most importantly, what looks good on your girlfriend, will not necessarily look good on you unless you are built the same. I cannot stress that enough.

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You have to make peace with your body. Everyone, even the most gorgeous supermodels, have something about their bodies they hate. That is totally normal, but you should always appreciate parts of your body that do look good and accentuate if not celebrate those parts. Women are their own worst enemies. I have spent 5 years telling one of my clients that she has an amazing butt. She hates it but that’s what makes her otherwise skinny body sexy and feminine.

Understand what it is you really need. How do you live your life? Where do you go? How much of your time is spent running around with kids? Do you work most of the time in the office? So few women actually have the clothes they need. It is SO true that most women use less than 20% of their clothes 80% of their time.


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Quit shopping on sales, both in stores and websites unless you are looking for a specific item. Shop from a plan which you made after you cleaned out your closet and organized it. Buy the things you know you’ll need and have an idea how to wear these items. Pinterest boards are great for inspiration. I always end up unearthing several near identical cocktail dresses or black pants, none which are very flattering. Don’t shop with your girlfriends. They are not going to tell you that this color makes you look 5 years older and 5 lbs heavier. They do not want to hurt your feelings. That is why it is easiest and certainly more economical to hire a stylist who can help you edit and build your wardrobe. Make sure you realize though that finding your style and building a great wardrobe requires some commitment. As wonderful as it seems to be to be able to acquire a perfectly picked wardrobe with the click of your mouse, it doesn’t work like that. Perfect functional and wearable wardrobe takes time, thought and doesn’t all come from one designer, store or season.