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Drop off outfits for busy moms

A few years ago a client in a ritzy neighborhood asked me to help her with drop off outfits – so she would look pulled together when dropping kids off at school. Having worn leggings pretty exclusively I was bit confused. I mean who dresses up before 9 am? But apparently some do. I used to laugh at moms who clearly didnt brush their hair, wore slippers and pajamas because surely-surely-surely there’s time to throw on those said leggings and attempt a quick ponytail!

Well, I am not laughing now. My 8 year old came home from school to inform me that every Wednesday she needs to be in school by 6:50 am. So I finally get to do this – for those who don’t know this is Theresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Hair extensions excluded she is keeping it real!


That’ll be me y’all. Though I am little stressed over finding slippers that match my pajamas. Even THIS look is not easy.

Neiman Marcus has something similar on sale for $109. I am almost tempted to get it just to see my husband’s face when I storm out of the house wearing this.


AND the faux fur booties are on sale at Bedhead right now for less that $25. It’s like the stars are aligning.


I am not making fun of those who actually do wear normal clothes. As a matter of face, I applaud you as I am seriously concerned that this athleisure thing will take over our lives. I do not want to go to opera or a nice dinner and be seated next to someone wearing stretchy pants and fleece top. And, ugh, I have already seen that! Wearing nice clothes (and brushing your hair) affects how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself, how confident you feel and even how powerful you feel.

For time being, I will be wearing awful lot of leggings (not see through, thank you very much) as I have little kids and a big house to maintain and I am hopeful every morning that at some point during the day, between drop-offs and pick-ups, kids activities and grocery shopping, cooking and gardening, I will find time to exercise. And bam, I am already dressed for that so time wasted. And while my husband doesn’t seem to mind (the leggings are pretty fitted, ahem), he told me the other night when I happened to wear jeans – thank you for making an effort. Which was a little sad.

How about you? PJs till noon? Coordinating sweater sets? Or something in between?