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House of the week: Ralph Lauren home in Bedford, NY.

Who better to be featured before the 4th of July than the quintessential American designer Ralph Lauren. WSJ just ran an article on how many celebrities live in the sleepy enclave on Bedford NY, the anti-Hamptons where Michael Douglas can take his kids to see a play and noone bats an eye. Martha Stewart, George Soros etc live there and Glenn Close just listed her home there for $3.6M. You’ll be likely to be bump into some bold and beautiful people when running into local CVS.

Ralph Lauren owns homes around the world but this is the main residence where they raised their children. He even has a houseware and bedding collection named after Bedford (believe Martha Stewart does, too, at least paint).

Ralph Lauren's Bedford Estate

House is decorated in quintessential RL fashion, his particular brand of cozy but luxurious furs, plaid, horns, crystal. Not many people can do opulent, dramatic and homey. 17,000 sq feet and 250 acres of land.

Ralph Lauren's House Bedford entrance hall

A circa 1860 English chandelier illuminates the living room. Above the George II table is an 18thcentury tapestry. The...

Can you imagine a more perfect setting for Christmas dinner?

Prominent paintings in the dining room include from right A Woman Hunting 19th century by Alfred Dedreux Henry Koehlers...

The drapes in the office are of the same material as the wall covering.

Dominating a corner of the master sitting room is a Louis XV bureau plat attributed to Jacques Dubois from the...

Among the artworks in the library are from left Fecit Romae 1774 by Pompeo Batoni The War Bonnet by Edgar Samuel Paxson...


Love this blue paint!

The master bedroom which is enveloped in a deepblue fabric is anchored by a Georgian mahoganyandwalnut bureaucabinet and...

The Laurens shuttle between the Bedford retreat and a summer house in Montauk New York a Manhattan town house a villa in...

Pool house.

Ralph Lauren's House Bedford pool house sitting room

Ralph Lauren's House Bedford terrace dining


From fashion to interiors: favorite interior designers

“If you care about the way you look, you’re going to care about the way you live.”       Newell Turner

Obviously interior design and fashion design are closely link, influenced by each other and share the same playground: textures, colors, proportions etc. I’ve heard some designers recommend choosing paint colors and fabrics according to what flatters you personally. If that were the case, I think I would be wearing awful lot of Joy Tribout. She runs a St. Louis based interior design firm as seems to abide by the same rule I do: make sure there’s at least one item that pops. 🙂 We share a love of black and white, animal prints, traditional mixed with modern and equestrian style. All photos are from joytribout.com

Beautiful bathroom and the black shutters anchor the room matched by black and zebra pillows on the chair.


Nautical bathroom. Love the settee which is upholstered in navy blue velvet.


Gorgeous pantry. If there’s a small room with no natural light, you are so much better off going with dark paint color all over to add coziness and drama, lighter colors would make the room look muddy.


I’ve always wanted a dark kitchen, probably doesn’t do well with resale and I wonder how quickly it would show stains an dust but love the look regardless. See how the light from above reflects on silver trays and stainless steel backsplash.


Lovely guest bedroom.


To me this room is class Joy Tribout: functional: TV, plenty of storage, seagrass rug that wears well combined with luxurious: animal skin, velvet upholstery, equestrian details a more feminine chandelier to balance off the more masculine elements.


Some outfits in the similar style. Bold, feminine, classic.