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Playroom Organization Ideas

Our playroom is grouped into separate areas: library wall which now includes a TV and a sectional in front of it. Behind the sectional is a study area, right next to it is their “salon” which is where all hair and makeup paraphernalia goes and on the other side what’s left of their grocery store and let’s not forget the American Girl corner.

I love these for organizing Legos, they come in 3 sizes and in different colors.

The makeup section (gawd!) is basically a large shelf I got from Home Depot and purchased some decorative shelf supports to hold it up. It has some clear storage items that most TJ Maxx or Marshalls stores will have, I also found that organizer for necklaces etc and an adjustable vanity chair is also from TJ Maxx.

Clear cosmetic storage organizer $16.99

I remember working in midtown Manhattan and constantly being stopped and asked where american girl was. I was like I don’t know, all around us? Ha! And clearly whoever came up with the concept and was able to convince the general public that paying $36 for teeeeeeeeny tiny PJ for a doll was normal, is clearly a genius! When my girls asked for the dolls, I first started them off on Target’s Our Generation dolls and now they have both. I looked into the beds for the dolls and it’s just crazy expensive. So I bought these instead, much more reasonably priced.

Badger Basket White Rose Doll Bunk Bed (fits American Girl dolls)
Badger Basket bunk beds $34.99

I still had bunch of clothes and accessories to sort through and even the non AG storage options were expensive, pretty small doll armoire was around $45 and I would have needed several. I had an old Ikea kids bookcase, I removed the 2 bottom shelves, put in a rod and ordered a bunch of matching hangers. You can get fancy and buy doll wooden hangers but I just got basic white ones from here.

Furinno JAYA 3-Shelf White Open Bookcase
Furinno open bookcase on sale at HD for $26.99

Behind the sectional, and yes I got the kids off white playroom sectional from Pottery Barn but Ikea has similar options, I have a storage unit from Ikea. I love this one as the sectional kind of hides it and I labeled all drawers. Shockingly though, stuff still ends up in wrong drawers and/or on the top of the unit. Who came up with Shopkins? I mean they are vacuum food. And I tell you that the minute you end up buying all the stuff (ice cream parlor, pet shop, grocery store, spa etc) they are no longer interested. Same thing with Little Ponies. Frustrating.

TGIF and pantry organization!


Girls had a Dress Like a Rock Star day today and I was thrilled to remember that just as I was making coffee!!! Ugh. Not good. Luckily it worked out. I’ve been down all week with a miserable stomach bug which people doesnt always last just 24 hrs. It lingers! However, after some sleep and copious amounts of Pepto Bismol, I am getting back my will to live. CDC issued a warning that they are estimating cases of norovirus to be on the rise, estimating cases to go way up in February and March. So there’s that.

I get beyond excited over any good organization project. I’m in awe of Mallory from Classy Clutter makeover of her pantry. It really is totally doable project, both Walmart and Ikea carry a wide assortment of bins, baskets, and both plastic and glass jars. She made her labels with Silhouette Cameo, which is way too much work for me. I ordered my Epson label maker for $30 from Amazon and even got a gold tape cartridge to keep things fancy. Read about her makeover HERE.



I also like what Kelly from talkofthehouse.com did with her pantry. One of her tips is something I’ve done as well – when recanting all your grains into bins, cut out cooking tips from the bag and tape it to the back of the bin. Kelly’s tips are HERE.



Hope you got some inspiration. First go through your pantry/kitchen and take stock of what you have and group like with like. All baking stuff should be in one bin, oils/vinegars together, grains grouped together, etc.

Here are the basic tools to get started.

  • label maker and tape
  • jars: flours, sugars, grains, flax seeds etc
  • plastic containers: cereal, pasta, oatmeal
  • bins: bars, treats, cookie cutters, baking stuff (baking soda, vanilla, etc)
  • baskets: snacks, chips, pretzels
  • lazy susan: oils, spices
  • stackable racks: for all the hard to reach spaces.

If your kitchen doesn’t have the most logical flow (cavernous cabinets, not enough shelves), I’ve found Rev-A-Shelf products to be quite helpful.


Home Depot carries a large assortment. Just make sure to measure twice!

Have a lovely weekend! x