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Back to school checklist!

I cannot believe its ONE week till school starts. My oldest has to get on a 7:06 bus and seeing that she has started sleeping till 7:45 lately, that shall be fun. And no sleeping in for me either! And I never really took them on all those fun but educational day trips, other than few lessons, they never really learned Estonian as was my grand plan. Ugh, that I am really bummed about. Colors and numbers don’t get you far, ya know?

Every mom blog and Pinterest is full of back to school readiness checklist. Let me sort this out for you. Following pointers are from metroparent.com

1.Take inventory of clothes and supplies.

I really like this except I ordered the supplies through school (and hope you had the basic common sense to do so too) and as far as clothes go, it’s still really warm. I am sure there’s a fleece or two I should be getting but seeing that they are packed aways and unneeded now, I’ll deal with that later. Shoes, though, shoes I do need to check as they tend to outgrow their perfectly good sneakers the first day of PE.

2. Check for supplies.

Seriously, order it through school! I went to Staples with girls last August thinking it’d be so cute to pick out their stuff. It wasn’t. The store was mobbed and they were out on half the stuff I needed. Jumbo glue sticks? There was only size, regular. Can I send 2? Pencil size #4. Crayola thick washable markers. They had thick and then washable but not together. Crap. 2 pink big erasers. Do they have to be pink? Can’t find pink. And thus forth till I gave up, came home and ordered it from Amazon Prime. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

3. Mark your calendars.

Done. I am pre-historic in a sense that I still dont use my iPhone calendar but a desktop one. Whew September is busy, better book the sitter for all those literacy nights!

4. Visit the pediatrician.

Of course you can get an appointment a week before school. No worries.

5. Summer homework and reading readiness.

Again, tad late for that! That should be something that’s done through out summer as they do fall behind. Crap, never did teach her the multiplication table past 3s.

6. Lunch planning.

Yup. I need more bars (healthy kinds). I do like Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s bars. Snacks need to be nut free which makes it bit tricky. Lunches, oh I hatehatehate making lunches. My youngest ends up bringing most of it back as is. Fingers crossed they want to do school lunches again. Just in case, better get lunch boxes etc out and few meals planned.

7. Haircuts.

? I mean, if they look like they haven’t even touched a brush all summer, then sure. Otherwise, totally something that can wait.

8. Plan a playdate.

This week is super hectic as is but I did want to do that with my youngest as she knows almost noone in her class. Must get on that asap.

9. Set back the bedtime.

I hear you.

This wasn’t listed but I would add that you absolutely must organize your mudroom. I am half way there. I just need to figure out what to do with 50+ pairs of flip flops. I have these on the wall, one for Olivia and the other for Melanie. The plan is to have the library books go back there when done, so I can send them back on timely manner and don’t have to hunt for the books throughout the house. The letters are from Michaels (I painted them white) and file holders from Ballard Design.

And I need to go clear out their desks etc and make sure the playroom is no longer hazardous. And what else, oh right, hair appointment for me. Ta-da!

Happy back to school week!