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Drop off outfits for busy moms

A few years ago a client in a ritzy neighborhood asked me to help her with drop off outfits – so she would look pulled together when dropping kids off at school. Having worn leggings pretty exclusively I was bit confused. I mean who dresses up before 9 am? But apparently some do. I used to laugh at moms who clearly didnt brush their hair, wore slippers and pajamas because surely-surely-surely there’s time to throw on those said leggings and attempt a quick ponytail!

Well, I am not laughing now. My 8 year old came home from school to inform me that every Wednesday she needs to be in school by 6:50 am. So I finally get to do this – for those who don’t know this is Theresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Hair extensions excluded she is keeping it real!


That’ll be me y’all. Though I am little stressed over finding slippers that match my pajamas. Even THIS look is not easy.

Neiman Marcus has something similar on sale for $109. I am almost tempted to get it just to see my husband’s face when I storm out of the house wearing this.


AND the faux fur booties are on sale at Bedhead right now for less that $25. It’s like the stars are aligning.


I am not making fun of those who actually do wear normal clothes. As a matter of face, I applaud you as I am seriously concerned that this athleisure thing will take over our lives. I do not want to go to opera or a nice dinner and be seated next to someone wearing stretchy pants and fleece top. And, ugh, I have already seen that! Wearing nice clothes (and brushing your hair) affects how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself, how confident you feel and even how powerful you feel.

For time being, I will be wearing awful lot of leggings (not see through, thank you very much) as I have little kids and a big house to maintain and I am hopeful every morning that at some point during the day, between drop-offs and pick-ups, kids activities and grocery shopping, cooking and gardening, I will find time to exercise. And bam, I am already dressed for that so time wasted. And while my husband doesn’t seem to mind (the leggings are pretty fitted, ahem), he told me the other night when I happened to wear jeans – thank you for making an effort. Which was a little sad.

How about you? PJs till noon? Coordinating sweater sets? Or something in between?




Who Do You Think You Are?

One of the toughest aspects of my job is to make a client see her body as it is, accept it and then dress to flatter the body not the ideal of it. We are so used to zeroing in on our faults, imaginary or real (but even the real is exaggerated in our heads) that we cannot see ourselves clearly. And thus we spend years if not decades trying to look better without realizing that we do. I always ask about style idols and I do get Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie a lot. However, its important to realize that your body type dictates the style decisions. You may like Angelina Jolie but you might not look great in similar clothes. It may not be the best you. It’s human to want something different, the grass is always greener on the other side, but its time and energy waisted and ultimately, you’ll be disappointed and make some bad decisions clothes wise. I love J Lo, we’re the same heights but sadly these curves I do not have.


Photo: E!Online

That led me to think: do we think, as we approach our midlife, that our best ass and hair are ahead of us if we really, I mean reaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy work at it or is it all downhill from here? I am of the former thought, delusionally maybe, but I am not sure if I ever will get there. And maybe that’s ok, the worst would be to let go and not care at all, right? But what if your idea of your best self is completely and utterly unattainable? See, one thing I wish I knew in my 20s, hell, in my 30s even (am 39 now, thank you very much) is that I did look good. My hair (well, there were some regrettable moments but moving on) did look amazing and so did my body. But I was forever trying to be more and thus never really stopped to smell the roses. Inherent insecurities of being a woman? Maybe. But as the dust settles on my last year as 30 something, I’ve come to accept myself more than I ever have. I am trying to look the best me I can be. But how do you tell someone that they ought to give up that Angelina Jolie dream because that ain’t gonna happen BUT that their reality, their bodies, their looks are beautiful. Not in a Loreal ad kind of way, not in mom will always love you as you are, but that there really really is something totally awesome about your looks? I have tried brutal honest, even cursing (when one of my clients who is so so so gorgeous I don’t like seeing her as I will always feel bad about myself tells me she doesnt like wearing short dresses because she doesn’t like her legs. Ugh.

Do me a favor if you are nodding along at all, look at photos of yourself even 5 years ago. Now do you not think that you looked good, much better than you thought? Are you not wistful for the body you never appreciated? I am!


So, should we meet randomly, don’t be shocked or, worse, offended, if I tell you I like you arms, calves (just told that to a woman at Costco) or boobs. a) because i mean it and b) its totally objective, c) you should think that too because we all know I am rarely wrong about these things and D) we should complement each other, woman to woman, without any pretext. Because maybe then, just maybe, we let go of all of our preconceived notions of what we should do/be/look like to be beautiful and truly come to realize that hey, I don’t look half bad. Wink.


-haiku aka Mother Theresa of Fashion and Beauty

Favorite loungewear.

First of all, I rarely lounge. I am very type A and a little OCD what comes to cleaning and organizing, so even when I plan to sit down with a cup of tea and a good book, I somehow end up doing a project or cleaning or, well to be fair, waisting my time on Pinterest. And whilst doing all that I always wear leggings and some random top with my hair in a bun and if I am really on top of things hair or face mask as well. So the idea of lounging around the house with my hair perfectly blown out and down, spritz of perfume and bit of lip gloss holds tremendous appeal. Ah yes, the calmer days lay ahead. It’s just that the house would need be clean for me to be able to relax and preferably someone has whittled down my to do list as well.

I did try the jogger pants and while I thought I looked pretty good, hubby’s reaction was less than flattering. I think he asked me to go back to leggings as they are at least fitted. 🙂

Here’s some options for in between.

I really like Barefoot Dreams brand. It’s priced well, cute and warm for lounging around the house.


Barefoot Dreams Circle cardigan $116


Naked Top $58 and Pants $68


Calvin Klein sweatshirt $68 and pants $58

And in case Santa is listening, I really want this cashmere set as I am always freezing!


Neiman Marcus Cashmere collection Jogging Set originally $650, now $230