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Are sexy workout clothes IN?

I don’t mean those absurdly short tennis skirts that I don’t have the balls (no pun intended) to wear. They are amusing to see though, my favorites have at least 3 rows of ruffles at the bottom as well. I once wore a fairly short Adidas skirt and was totally put off by the attention from the drivers as I waited for the girls bus to come. 8:32 am is definitely not the time I try to look sexy.

Am I a prude? Or simply too conservative? I think I first noticed the trend around the holidays when semi sheer leggings popped up on gift guides. I don’t mean those infamous Lululemon ones, but leggings with sheer panels or worse. And a lot sold out, so there’s clearly a demand.

From left to right: Onzie bondage leggings $78; Michi deco leggings $165; Free People Movement Motion leggings $88

Bondage leggings? 50 shades of workout wonders. Egads.

This Under Armour sports bra is their best seller. I’d love to see someone use it in the summer outdoors, the tan lines would be totally awesome.


Onzie elastic sports bra $45

ONZR-WM49-Paradise-5aa588b8-.jpegMichi Feline sports bra is sold at Neiman Marcus for $130


Any takers? I just don’t know. I get it that you want to look cute when working out but this might be taking a bit too far for me. It’s odd given that there’s such an unfortunate movement toward athleisure clothing and more often than not I find myself wishing that women dressed up a bit more, had more fun with fashion and weren’t so hung up on body issues.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this?