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Good hair day a la Sophie Stanbury

Do you watch real housewives of anything? I used to, in the beginning of each show, when there actually were some traces of realness. Ladies of London is in the same vein, 5-6 women screaming at each other like high school girls at lunch breaks. But I do like Sophie for her down to earth sweetness and I really adore her hair! It’s bouncy and shiny and always looks fantastic. See what I mean?


Image via Bravo.com

Apparently one of her tricks is Kerastase products, which, while they are great and I have used them for ages, do not make my hair look like hers. And the second trick she uses is pretty retro – hot rollers! Wish I hadn’t tossed mine. 🙁 Here’s a link to her how-to video:

Fab as they say! Here’s a few hot roller sets from Amazon. You’d need at least shoulder length hair for this to look good and give your hair volume. If you have straight hair that doesn’t seem to hold curls well, spray lightly before you roll and then after you take curlers out. Elnett hairspray is great for this.



Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic set $14.96