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Skinny jeans that fit well & are so comfortable!

Is there anything more annoying that trying on jeans? No matter how good your legs it always takes FOREVER to find a pair or a brand that fits well. No doubt that you too have a girlfriend that tells you to get the same exact pair as she did because it fits her and thus, must fit you too. Wrong!

I give my clients some recs re brands but then send them off to shops on their own and just have them try on as many pairs as they can possible stomach. It’s so tedious. Pull one on, discover that it perfectly highlights your cellulite or makes your thighs extra bumpy and then adds some creases under your butt so it seems wider and bigger than ever. And for some reason, most dressing rooms either have lab quality florescent lights or something so dim that you cannot see a damn thing. Peel the jeans on, feel hot and miserable, and reach for the next pair. No other way to do it. As a bonus, even if one pair fits, that doesn’t mean that other styles in that brand will.

Joe’s Jeans that have been around forever, recently came out with a fairly stretchy fabric called Flawless which essentially has much lower cotton percentage than most jeans and that cotton/lyocell blend makes jeans fit better and it feels so comfortable. I think I ordered 3 pairs. $179 at Nordstrom.



To be fair, any time you have more lycra-esque mix the jeans will fit better and feel comfortable. I just slide my hand across the rack and pull out whatever feels softer than most. Lot of people seem to like Mother brand but can’t seem to get myself to buy it. I know I am a mother, but anything that says not your mother’s, kind of feel like it still is.