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What to toss from your closet asap!

Hi all and happy new year (can I still say that?)! It’s January which means that stores are full of 3 things: organizational whatnots, exercise equipment and Valentines candy. I’ve written here how to get started with organizing a closet, so go review if you haven’t read it. Here’s a round up of items hiding in our closets that just need to go.

T-shirts: any t-shirts from college or your company’s annual event or preschool fundraiser need to go. You think, well, I’ll sleep in this or I’ll wear it when I clean the house/work out/paint with kids, etc. Wearing these tees to bed is a sad look on any woman. Just buy PJs or a nightshirt, you are a grown-up! So many beautiful options to choose from! Ditto for work outs, get a sports bra and a few athletic tops and you are good to go. And you really will not go digging out these when the mood strikes for a project.


Belts: in pretty much every closet edit that I do, I get rid off tons of belts. Anything too gimmicky (cowboy belts), too tricked out (heavily beaded or decorated), random cotton ones etc. Keep a few that you actually wear, donate the rest. I should add scarves to this, too. Even Hermes silk scarf is useless if you don’t wear it. Figure out how to wear your pashminas and scarves, keep the flattering ones and get rid of rest.


Teeny-tiny jewelry and oversized necklaces: you know, stuff you’ve bought from all these parties that someone’s friend threw. If you haven’t worn it, sell or donate. A few delicate gold items are fine, but you don’t need 10 tangled necklaces, bracelets or small earrings that no one sees anyhow. Conversely, the oversized necklaces will work for some outfits but not on everyone.

Old footwear: I hate block heels. Hate. I feel like heel is an extension of your leg so it the heel is bulky the leg will look so as well. There are some more feminine and nicer options on the market now but anything older than last few years should go. Ditto for shoes you haven’t worn for awhile.


Career wear if no longer working: An old Kate Spade or Dooney & Bourke tote. Suits you wore before kids. Button downs with a large collar. Twinsets. So many still lurking in the closets around here. If you were to need something like this again, you’d get something that suits your body now. I’d keep any button downs that fit well, are solid or striped for wearing with jeans.

Seasonal clothing: keeping all clothes in the same closet just adds clutter and makes it more frustrating to put together an outfit. Store away cleaned clothes in Tupperware bins with cedar blocks.

Old diaries, keepsakes, memorabilia. Get some cute boxes and put them on the top shelf somewhere.