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Reasons why you need to buy a peacoat stat.



I always recommend to my clients to start a Pinterest board where they can pin any outfits they find appealing. Then I ask them to go back and edit: if you are a petite curvy woman, we can get rid of any photos of Angeline Jolia but let’s keep the ones of Reese Witherspoon and Christina Hendricks. The edit again so that the outfits that remain actually are the ones you would wear, meaning if you almost never wear evening dresses and/or high heels, let’s toss those too. Your inspiration file (and your wardrobe) should reflect you now (not 5 lbs lighter) and your actual lifestyle.
Once you have a photo of an outfit you like see what do you already own. I love this outfit here, so classic and so flattering. You probably own riding boots already, ditto for skinny jeans, probably have camel scarf and t-shirt. Don’t have camel but have white? Go for it? You can go all black as well but I would recommend against mixing any more colors in. Keep the shirt and scarf in the same color family (green would look pretty, so would blue) but try to keep some items matching (not exact color but in the same color family).
J Crew and Lands End make a variety of pea-coats at affordable price points, I think they are classic pieces and you’ll get lot of wear out of it. Black and camel are classics, of course, but I can’t resist bright yellow or hot pink. Especially if you mostly dress in neutrals, why not punch it up a bit? My outfit looks too colorful said no mom ever. Am I right?
J Crew pink peacoat from Seersucker+Saddles; J Crew yellow toggle coat via everythingfab