My most popular Pinterest outfits

These 2 photos get repinned almost on daily basis.


Olivia Palermo

I could go on for days on my love for white shirts, they are so versatile. Wear it with jeans (tucked in and sleeves rolled up) or tuck it into a a-line skirt a la Carolina Herrera. Thing to look for is perfect fit and it has to have enough length to be properly tucked in, I’ve had luck at Gap and I also love Equipment blouses but any store will have white shirts. OP has thrown a fur coat over it and shoes add some color. I love fur as you all know but unless you live a red carpet lifestyle, the cost of fur coat divided by how many times you’d actually wear it doesn’t really equal a sound investment. I’d recommend you’d get a fur vest to try this look. Neiman Marcus Last Call has a huge fur (faux and real) sale currently here. 



Fall outfit from

I was a wee bit surprised by how popular this look was. I pinned it because I liked the color scheme, I really don’t like this belt. If you read my post on things you should toss from your wardrobe, this belt would definitely be on get rid of pile. Unless you are busty and tall, this belt would overwhelm most women. Its only redeeming quality is that it would act like a corset sucking your stomach in. I am not keen on this bag either, like the color but too slouchy for me, I can never find anything in these bags. I’d get rid of the neck scarf (if its chilly, nice beige/brown cashmere scarf would do nicely) and replace the boots with a more structured riding boot. You could wear any cardigan (this one is from Ralph Lauren) that isn’t too long, white t-shirt, aviators and any skinny jeans. Perfect #momontherun outfit.