Monday Musings

Happy New Year! Hope it’s amazing for all of us, it would definitely be more amazing if Australia would stop burning, those wildfires are out of control and seeing those pictures of all those charred animals is more than I can take.

1. I am massively sore from going skiing today, I am not super athletic and downhill skiing definitely doesn’t come naturally. I have Reynauds so being out in the cold is not what comes naturally to me! I’d rather stay on the couch and bake something. My instructor kept pointing out that it’s all in the hips and said he takes salsa classes!!! It’s like tennis in a way, turn your shoulder and stay sideways at turns. I felt middle aged, especially when some little kids went whizzing past.

Image result for ski bunny

That is NOT how I looked. Not sure anyone actually skiing looks like that though some moms did show up at 8 am with full makeup, more power to them.

2. Few photos from our NYE party: it was a small gathering with few friends and kids, we had fun though and actually stayed up till midnight for the first time with the girls.

I decided to do a graphic, inexpensive centerpiece for the buffet table. I found this branch outside, spray painted it white and hung a few ornaments on it. I used faux snow as a runner and used some gold pots to elevate old white shelves covered with  drawer liners.

Im sorry these photos are not great, I was not done on time! I liked the centerpiece but must warn you to go around and make sure the branches wont hit anyone’s cornea.

Dessert table with various cookies, some delicious cakes, creme anglaise with berries and mini cheesecakes.

Bar area.

My girlies.

3. Next day, all tired and let’s face it, slightly hungover, we put away the holiday decorations. It takes me usually weeks to decorate our house so to get most of it put away   in a day was kind of amazing but exhausting.

Stuff to be taken to the attic. I need a shed, a she-shed, a holiday shed.

4. Baked these cinnamon raisin studded rolls. Next up macaroons!

If you haven’t baked with yeast before, don’t worry, it really easy and it’s a great recipe for kids, my girls love playing with it. This is a great recipe.

Ultimate Simple Dough Recipe that you can use for ANYTHING! It's foolproof!