Melania Trump’s style


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Can I tell you a teeny-tiny secret? I like her looks. I have for years – long before Trump even thought about running this great country. These days Melanie gets a lot of flak pretty much for everything – her accent (admittedly, it’s a little stiff but c’mon, how many languages do you speak?), her hair (I like it but Racked had an interesting article on how everyone on TV has this hair), her makeup (it’s a feline look but I think it suits her), her clothes (seriously?) and just about everything else. As I said I like her. I like her hair, her makeup and her clothes. I don’t know the woman so I will refrain from discussing anything else regarding her personality.

Now her style: it’s always sexy, elegant, beautiful, very feminine and always always always impeccably tailored. You can get clothes from Ann Taylor or Gap and get it tailored to your body, it’s total game changer.  She doesn’t use a stylist from what I understand, she dresser herself. She really is a poster child for most of clothing rules!


Celebrity Apprentice

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Another look she favors, matching colors+fitted clothes. It’s one my favorite recs: have two things per outfit be in the same color family, it instantly pulls the outfit together.

Even when she is running errands, without makeup and hair d0, she still looks pulled together. Look at these wedges in the middle, so cute with all white.

And an oldie but a goodie. Look how a simple black dress can be elevated by simply using unexpected shoes. Love these Jimmy Choo booties!


*All photos w/o credits are from Pinterest.

I feel little sad for her as she will be torn apart by media and online outlets, too many are only too eager to ridicule her. I don’t think she wanted part of any of this and now there will be blow by blow coverage on everything she does and says. I hope she can find a way to deal with all of it and find her way in the midst of all this craziness.

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  1. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Her clothes are impeccable, I imagine that’s the UES socialite dress code (although she technically doesn’t live in the UES). I don’t like her makeup, it makes her eerily look like a drawn female version of her husband. The thin lips, grimace and pout combination, the sunken eyes that glare…

    PS. She’s no innocent pawn; she publicly defended her husband’s misogynistic “grab them by the pussies” comment. We’re all adults, we have free will, in fact Melania has plenty enough free will to delay carrying out her first lady duties.

    Michelle Obama didn’t want her husband to run either but she understood the office of the first lady and the honor to serve your country outweigh the intrusion to her private life.

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