It’s all in the details – lucite

I am so over this snow!!!! I can hear the birds and feel the sun but all this snow everywhere is depressing! I wanted to share with you some lucite finds as I am trying sort out some updates in the house.

I love lucite. I think my obsession began in our living room where I used lucite curtain rods, my husband was a little hesitant at first but loved the result. These were custom order but you can get a similar look from here. 

traditional living room with a sitting nook


I like how the rods blend in and don’t fight with the dentil molding.

Wish I had done them in the family room also but will instead remove the drapes completely and replace them with linen shades. Back to the task at hand: as the TV’s get bigger it gets harder and harder to place them in the living rooms. We can’t really put it over our fireplace, we’d all get a massive neck-ache! So the TV was mounted to the left of the fireplace and we’ll replace the current cabinet with a taller built in.

marble fireplace in open floorplan

Our family room

I have figured out which doors I would like to use. I think these are winners.


cabinet doors with molding

Kelly Carlisle design


I like how the rods blend in and don’t fight with the dentil molding. I’d like to carry the lucite over to other rooms in the form of cabinet hardware. Etsy has a variety of options.

lucite hardware pulls


I like these square pulls also, I think they are more modern than round ones.

lucite cabinet pulls

Schaub and Company pulls

For an office chair or dining chairs (if the budget allows) these Klismos chairs are beautiful and come in different colors.

acrylic lucite klismos chair

Tristan Acrylic Klismos Chair design by Interlude Home $2040


lucite chair

More affordable version from Wisteria for $629.97

What do you think? Is lucite for you?

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