Holiday Home Tour of 2020 and a video link

Covid seemed to either make people really enthusiastic about decorating or make them too depressed and exhausted to even think of it. I am always of the thought that you must carry on the best you can and while we can’t control what’s going on with this pandemic, we can control (and decorate) our environment. And think how sad it would be to sort of cancel Christmas. No-no-no-no! The way we celebrate holidays and traditions that we carry on make us feel safe and secure even when the world is topsy turvy. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it and as long as it feels authentic to you and your family.

On to the holiday tour, all photos by talented Katie Kinsley Photography


Every year I swear I am done with live trees, putting on the lights take forever and they are so much harder to decorate than artificial trees but can’t beat real though. And while you decorate the artificial tree so much that the tree is barely visible, it really is just a canvas, with the real tree I actually want to see the branches and its shape. I just used a LOT of red ornaments in different sizes (4″ and 6″), gold glitter stars and red bows. Love it – so simple and classic.

Magnolia and pine garland around the fireplace and i added some gold leaf picks and gold glitter stars.

Trumeau mirror in the foyer.

I fa-la-la-la loved the family room mantel this year. It actually looks even better in person. The red ribbon brightens up the greenery even when not lit.

Breakfast room

Dining room has our fake tree and all the ornaments from our travels, friends and family, kids handprints, ornaments with puppy photos etc.


Watch a short holiday video of our home here!

Learn how to make perfect bows for your trees, garlands, planters and gifts.

Happy decorating!