Healthy snacks

Boy, its been a rough few weeks. My grandmother has stage 3 breast cancer, my oldest has pneumonia which on top of her asthma is just a shit show, pardon my French…

I manage to get kids decent food but I definitely do not take very good care of myself when kids are down, who does?

I usually stock up with healthy, organic snacks for kids. But on my last grocery trip, I threw in Got Snacks? roasted coconut chips and my fatigued lethargic baby tore the package off my hands and the 4 year old joined in, I was left with nothing! But hey, it was the only thing she wanted to eat in days and let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious. Amazon is currently out of stock but check your local stores. Its slightly sweet, crunchy and a lot healthier than any other chip out there. And kids love it! Ingredients: coconut meat & nectar, sea salt. Done.