Childproof candles

I love candles. And flowers. And red wine. But I digress. Candles and children don’t mix. So I was very happy to discover flameless candles at Costco, our house is full of them. Though hubs and I may not have a lot of romantic time together, I make sure that when we do have dinner I put on some music from Spotify, pour some wine and have some candle light. The flameless candles come in every height, look realistic and come with a timer so all you need to do is change batteries once in a while and you’re done!

I just discovered that Luminara has created a new version of flameless candles for Pottery Barn (I believe exclusively) which has a faux flame that flickers. On the photos it looks a bit flat but I assure you, in person, these look just like the real thing. Had to look twice at the store. These are not cheap, the 4×4.5″ one was $59 but might be worth the investment. Except, I could just see hubs asking incredulously: You bought more candles???