Haiku has built her award winning firm on a reputation of excellent service, expert design and trust between her team of experienced tradespeople and their clients. She is adept at navigating challenging environments while directing clients to the best solution for their properties. Her design-build firm offers a streamlined, one-stop-shop approach.

Haiku grew up in Estonia, strongly influenced by her mother’s understanding of aesthetics, which has given Haiku a sense of style that is innately tasteful. Growing up in a home with warm, inviting interiors and large gardens created a standard for all her designs. Enroute to study at West Point she changed her path and ended up graduating from NYU with a masters in political science. A chance encounter with a realtor who had seen her home led to working on projects together and it wasn’t long till others started calling.

Her interactions with clients and tradespeople is best described as direct, which makes working relationships efficient. A firm believer of function before form, Haiku collaborates with clients so that she understands what the most practical and beautiful design is and she won’t settle until the house makes sense in how it serves its owners. As a mother of two adorable, but occasionally messy, girls as well as two almost always messy rescue dogs, she prioritizes durable and lasting design which feels both inviting and elegant.