Fun and functional family playroom!

This young family had just moved to Wilton in the middle of the pandemic with their newborn and a 3 year old. Their request was pretty simple – turn the living room into a fun playroom for their young sons. As I walked around the house, I started to like that plan less and less. The living room was beautiful, large and light filled but far away from the kitchen and it was right off the foyer meaning everyone visiting would be seeing all the toys etc. There was a smaller family room with a TV right next to the kitchen that I felt was better suited for the playroom as kids would be likely to stay close to all the action (and snacks!) than wonder over to the other side of the house. After some hesitation, my clients agreed. Here’s what we were working with: faux finishes on walls, no lighting, dated furnishings.

Here’s the after: there’s a small sectional for the whole family to hang out on, instead of a coffee table I used a train table (still waiting on storage baskets to go underneath) and 2 separate but matching colorful area rugs define separate play areas. It has enough color to feel fun for kids but not too loud for adults.

I proposed moving the TV above the fireplace and replacing the ornate mantel with something more modern. New coat of paint and this so looks so much better!

Funny side note: the very bright 3 year old son was obviously thrilled to see this room, he loved the ladder, the teepee, his art station etc but then he turns around and goes: “And the new mantel! I love it!” I kid you not. I think he may have a future as an architect.

Behind the sectional are different toys and the play kitchen which we took out for the photos. There’s a large chalkboard section so I am hopeful that kids will doodle there and not on the walls but just in case we made sure the walls were very washable. And there’s his arts and crafts and lego section.

Do you love it? We sure did. We’ll be sharing a basement redo for teenage boys rec room soon, stay tuned.


Photography: Katie Kinsley Photography