House of the week: from Gone with the Wind

Basically the house of my dreams is up for sale! Or rather, it will be auctioned off soon with a starting bid of $1M! I was obsessed with that book, or rather books. And the movie! Though I was somewhat sad that I looked so different from her, I thought we were pretty similar personality wise. I don’t have her hair color and the 17″ waist!!! Well, neither did Vivian Leigh, she was 24-25″. Dont have that either, lol.

woman in large white dress running from large white mansion

According to AD: The 10,000-square-foot home, dubbed Twelve Oaks, unfortunately fell into disrepair after 1939, but the dwelling recently underwent a $2 million restoration. In 2017, the current owners overhauled the 12-bedroom, 13-bath property, which now boasts stunning 11-foot ceilings, a formal parlor, a large dining room, hardwood floors, three laundry rooms, 12 fireplaces, chandeliers, and period lighting. In the master suite are a library with built-in wood bookcases and a fireplace with room for seating.

The building where the inn is located

Gallery image of this property

I had no idea it functioned as a B&B – believe you me I would have gone for a visit!!! That chandelier is stunning!!!

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property

Gorgeous front porch – we don’t have that and always wanted one. My husband is from South, well not the real South, he is from Florida but I think front porches are mandatory down there.

Gallery image of this property

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Related image

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Ah, and that grand staircase. Can you imagine decorating the bannister with garland for Christmas, kids sliding down on it… or you doing Scarlet and grandly sashaying down the stairs. Ah, I wish!

I also really really wish for this robe! Or dress!

Scarlett O'Hara

Monday Musings

Good morning! First, I hope all of yours weekend looked like this:


Seriously, right? What could be better? My weekend was spent running around and delivering a bunch of boxwoods, 78 to be exact that I am planning to plant around my rose beds. I have to say buying them is SO much easier than planting. My hubs knee hasnt quite recovered fully from ACL surgery and boxwoods are small enough for me to handle but we are supposed to get 88 degrees this week. Ugh, I guess you’ll know what I’ll be doing in early mornings. Had to suppress my desire to buy more plants, it really pays to have a plan before buying but with all these sales going on, it’s hard to resist the temptation!

We went on a hike and visited a museum with the girls, followed by an ice cream stop. This place, Milkcraft in Fairfield, is ice cream store on steroids. So many flavors, everything is made to order using liquid nitrogen, and you can get a bubble cone which honestly tasted like pancake. I wouldnt mind having just that with coffee for breakfast! The ice cream was massive, they couldnt finish!

Made these for lunch along with a summer squash salad (sliced thin, red onion, toasted almonds and mint).

I got some nice sourdough bread, toasted it, drizzled some olive oil and rubbed the bread with garlic. Top has avocado with Habanero salt and lemon, then tomatoes with burrata and oregano and the bottom one is smoked salmon with capers and shallots. Delicious and quick!


Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some digging to do!




House of the week: Ralph Lauren home in Bedford, NY.

Who better to be featured before the 4th of July than the quintessential American designer Ralph Lauren. WSJ just ran an article on how many celebrities live in the sleepy enclave on Bedford NY, the anti-Hamptons where Michael Douglas can take his kids to see a play and noone bats an eye. Martha Stewart, George Soros etc live there and Glenn Close just listed her home there for $3.6M. You’ll be likely to be bump into some bold and beautiful people when running into local CVS.

Ralph Lauren owns homes around the world but this is the main residence where they raised their children. He even has a houseware and bedding collection named after Bedford (believe Martha Stewart does, too, at least paint).

Ralph Lauren's Bedford Estate

House is decorated in quintessential RL fashion, his particular brand of cozy but luxurious furs, plaid, horns, crystal. Not many people can do opulent, dramatic and homey. 17,000 sq feet and 250 acres of land.

Ralph Lauren's House Bedford entrance hall

A circa 1860 English chandelier illuminates the living room. Above the George II table is an 18thcentury tapestry. The...

Can you imagine a more perfect setting for Christmas dinner?

Prominent paintings in the dining room include from right A Woman Hunting 19th century by Alfred Dedreux Henry Koehlers...

The drapes in the office are of the same material as the wall covering.

Dominating a corner of the master sitting room is a Louis XV bureau plat attributed to Jacques Dubois from the...

Among the artworks in the library are from left Fecit Romae 1774 by Pompeo Batoni The War Bonnet by Edgar Samuel Paxson...


Love this blue paint!

The master bedroom which is enveloped in a deepblue fabric is anchored by a Georgian mahoganyandwalnut bureaucabinet and...

The Laurens shuttle between the Bedford retreat and a summer house in Montauk New York a Manhattan town house a villa in...

Pool house.

Ralph Lauren's House Bedford pool house sitting room

Ralph Lauren's House Bedford terrace dining


Monday Musings

I think I am having a bit of a middle life crisis: not entirely sure who I am, what I want, what to wear or eat or do or cook. Or perhaps its all because I haven’t been able to sleep and had some nausea that kept me up for a night or two. Very annoying either way.

1.A dear friend invited us over to her family’s beach house on the Cape which was such a lovely intro to summer. Delicious lobster rolls, lots of fresh strawberries, crisp white wine and chatting till well 10 pm. 🙂

Her husband’s grandmother made this.

We went on a day trip to Nantucket. Expensive as hell but so beautiful.


Kids got some ice cream and we all walked down to the beach. I have tried meditation but wasn’t terribly good at it, this is much more my speed. Something so peaceful about this view.

2.I wanted to share this really helpful garden design how to link from Garden Design magazine.

These photos are from Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT.

Love this gateway, there’s strong metal support underneath the evergreens and I am sure it was not easy to train the trees like that but what an amazing result.

3.My youngest one turned 8 and my oldest will turn 10 on the 4th. Its crazy and a little scary how fast time goes. I remember her birth like it was yesterday… All she wanted for her birthday was the hoverboard and can I tell you that not only can I stand up on it, it is totally addictive. I have visions of me flying around the house while taking care of business. LOL.