Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas.

I have found that my husband will buy great gifts if told explicitly what they should be and where to buy them. I like jewelry because it has some permanence unlike clothes or candles or spa trips which are all great also! I got a beautiful locket one year and both my daughters are obsessed with it, they always ask to see their photos in it. Hope you’ll find some ideas here for your self.

I love these earrings, had pinned those to my wishlist awhile ago. Julie Vos $185

best Statement Earring

Julie Vos Medici earrings

These Viola earrings are so beautiful, such a classic look. Originally $319, now $132.

best jewelry picks

Smoky Quartz Pear Drop Earrings

These crystal lily earrings are adorable.

Lele Sadoughi Crystal Lily earrings $185


Lulu Frost classic bracelet

Power Bracelet, GOLD, hi-res

Gold Link Bracelet $225


This is such an interesting and fresh way to wear pearls. To be fair, while handmade, these are imitation Japanese pearls but they look beautiful. Beck Jewels $195

BECK Jewels Blauw Drop Earrings - Earrings - 505905504


House of the Week – Greenwich

Apparently that’s where the bargains are to be had – in Greenwich, CT! Long the enclave of the rich and famous, it is suffering from the general real estate malaise but also many younger families are not interested in buying these huge estates in the backwoods with 10 acres of land to maintain. This house actually made some headlines as it is heading to an action, unheard of for these tony neighborhoods. Owners are real estate investors who located to Florida for better taxes and just want to offload this property. Let’s have a look!

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT: 4 beds, 4.5 baths, 5142 sq ft and 2.51 acres, originally listed for $3,795,000 it is currently for sale for $1,800,000 which is also the auction price. Taxes are $22,856.

This house needs a stager. So so freaking bad, I can’t stand it. Let’s look at the front:

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

It’s a beautiful house but you can’t see it, can you? Remove some of these overgrown trees and prune the rest!!! You should be able to see out from windows.

Entry is beautiful, I would remove/replace that bamboo table there.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Very nice living room but needs to be cleaned out. The owners are Iranian which explains these photos but you really ought to depersonalize the property before listing. More bamboo.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Paint, just paint and remove the couch and that bamboo table.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Dining room – did I say paint? And remove the bamboo?

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Kitchen is little tricky but nothing crazy. Cabinets look very dated but in good condition. I would paint the cabinets, add some glass doors and change the countertops to something lighter. If there’s money left over, I’d change the shape of the island as well.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

I can’t with this bamboo but I suppose it’s at least consistent. I’d take out the top wood doors on that row of cabinets and make them glass and add lighting inside. Remove that dinky little cabinet on the right.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Love this room, the stone and the sconces.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Plenty of closets but that nightmare wallpaper treatment is terribly distracting.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

One of the bedrooms.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Other 2 bedrooms look pretty small.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

The back of the house is really nice.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

Love the pergola and I think that’s a fireplace to the right of it? Nope, nevermind that’s where the pool equipment is at.

282 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831

More details and auction process description here.

Monday Musings

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend and happy Easter! We had some old friends over and had a lovely dinner though for the life of me I don’t see why everyone is such a fan of spiral ham – it dries out so quick when cooking!

1.We finally had the yard mulched. I hate see mulch volcanos around the trees. You should never do it, the covered area will start rotting.


Also, you should which plants like to be mulched and which don’t. Peonies and Siberian irises don’t like it so I had to go and scrape the mulch off. Do put the rings up for support now for peonies because they will be large before you know it!

2.Icing sugar cookies – I suck at decorating cookies anyhow, I have zero hand-eye coordination but this tip from Martha Stewart was really handy. She said you basically take forever to outline and then flood the cookie which a child will eat in a second. She recommended thinning the royal icing and just dipping the cookie in it. It worked really well!

hwo to quickly ice lots of cookies

Iced sugar cookies for Easter

3.One of my daughter’s best friends no longer believes in Easter bunny or Santa. They are almost 10 so I guess this was bound to happen one day but I feel totally unprepared for that talk. I don’t want them to stop believing in any of that, I want them to still believe in magic! I just don’t know if it’ll be as special, the expectation and excitement. Totally crushes me. Has that happened in your household and how did you handle it?

Image may contain: 1 person

Olivia in 2013.

Easter table decorations!

My favorite part of any holiday is shopping for flowers and doing arrangements for the house. I usually get my flowers from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods but once in awhile I pop into a local flower store – it is heaven! The colors, the smells… it is so mesmerizing, I could stay for hours. It’s a visual and olfactory overload.

Orchid selection at the Compo Farm Florist in Westport

They had an amazing variety of lilies, different colors and heights, these 4′ purple ones came home with me.

lilies from compo farm florist

Purple lilies for Easter

Even the counter chairs got decorated but when Sailor, our pup, got all excited and assumed these were for him they had to come out.

easter decorations

Bunny tails for chairs

Our table will be in light greys and pinks but I love this blue table from Martha Stewart.

Inspiring Easter Table Centerpiece Ideas-06-1 Kindesign

Inspiring Easter Table Centerpiece Ideas-28-1 Kindesign

Whimsical dinner table by Driven by Decor.

Whatever you do make sure that the flowers aren’t blocking people when you sit down! And if there are no flowers, get a pretty bowl and put eggs on it or simply fill a crystal bowl with water and float some tea candles on it! Happy Easter everyone!!!

House of the week – we are back to Weston!!!

I can’t even describe this house, you have to see it to believe it. I cannot recall the last time I alternated between OMG! and WTF? from one photo to next. Like I cannot understand what took place there. The history of the house is pretty odd too, it is not currently listed but that the last realtor who had the listing for $2.8M seems to be advertising it for $1.9M but all sites say off market. Zillow even suggests a price of less than $700K which is totally ridiculous for this McMansion. Here’s more info on this listing.

First things first: 5 beds, 9 (!) full baths and 2 half baths, 10 651 sq ft (with lower level its 12 000 square feet), its a custom Georgian colonial (my faves). Love the entrance.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

This might be too fanciful for most but I totally love this circular entry and the waterfall. I know, it can’t be helped.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Garages: 5 bays! We have 2 and I wish we had 3 but gosh 5. All that crap that a family of four has can go in there! Sigh. Love the tile detail there, too.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

I really want to focus on this gorgeous gorgeous wrap around deck, my husband would so love this. How beautiful is that statue? But my eyes are hurting from all that blue. I am sure its something expensive and modern but just do damn jarring.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Beautiful pergola and porte cochere. How fantastic for outdoor entertaining!

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

I kind of like that sculpture but please remove that furniture. Look across to the right – thats the indoor pool.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Here it is. Kind of awesome, can you imagine swimming there when its snowing outside? The mural on the ceiling though…. I think the chandeliers would actually work and be really stunning but the clouds have to go, I am sorry.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Master bed apparently has 4 closets. Yes, please. Gorgeous. Just perfection.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

I don’t understand what we are looking at here. Is this the master? Whats under the bed? Is the TV built in at the foot of the bed? All the crystal chandeliers and murals and sculptures and now we do shiplap and elephants?

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Is this the selfie room? I need one.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Found an older photo of this room. Def a selfie room. Notice the luggage in the corner.

No words. I hope there’s a massively ornate chandelier having all over this. NJ real housewives would be so jealous.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

So this is clearly a cozy country estate kitchen with a french vibe. With black appliances. Hmm. The room is huge and so is the island. I’d paint the cabinets, update the counters and appliances and toss the curtains, have a massive tag sale and it would lovely when cleaned out.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Nice laundry room!

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Dining room

Living area.

This is a mudroom? Because there’s a pair of rain boots? Right? Whoever was in charge of window treatments in this house clearly had identity crisis. Or just crisis.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Bitch we are busy working people is a theme of this room. Couldnt the realtor remove the trash can from photos?

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Another office.

So pretty. Looks like motorized window shades and probably another cloud mural. Doesn’t bother me here, it looks so relaxing here.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

One of the closets

Master bath probably?

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Vanity area

Library or sitting room.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

And ladies, the piece de resistance. I die. I just die.

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

61 Singing Oaks Dr, Weston, CT 06883

Massive gym

The deck overlooks 1600 sq ft guest house and the indoor pool area has a massage room, fireplace and sauna! I would so love a sauna… Taxes are $72,000.


Monday Musings: gardening in New England

Hi everyone, we had a gorgeous warm weekend, Saturday was so warm we all wore shorts and t-shirts out! Grass is getting greener, apple trees are starting to green up but I am still waiting for daffodils and tulips to open up.

1.We spent the better part of this weekend planting bare root roses. You can of course buy a container plant and it’s certainly a much quicker way to get some blooms in your garden. Bare root roses are often ordered way in advance, I believed I placed my ordered in early January. These are dormant roses, mostly just roots, cheaper than container plants and easier to maneuver. I also found that when I had researched the most fragrant, re-blooming, cold hardy and disease resistant roses for our zone, most of these were not available on nurseries. If you order them online, however, the selection is fantastic. You have to do it early enough though, by now most roses I ordered from David Austin are sold out. But the tough part is digging that hole! For bare root roses you need a hole 2′ wide and 2′ deep, we have hard compacted clay soil which makes that task ever so miserable.

My poor husband with his knee injury, waiting on getting surgery in May, dug 7 holes for me. See the water in the above one? By Sunday morning it was almost full of water. He dug and dug thinking we’ll get through clay eventually, it was waist deep for me as I scooped the clay slurry out. Miserable. I amended the soil with gravel, sand and bark mulch, let’s hope it did the trick!

2.We went out to a belated birthday dinner for me at Thomas Henkelman’s Homestead Inn. This is what greets you when you pull in.

Image result for thomas henkelmann menu

Hippo at Homestead Inn

We go in, get seated and are presented these massive menus, 2 pages but huge. Prices were high but not crazy but the wine list is basically $75+. I know their profit is from alcohol but the wine costs $28 and you sell it for $75, it just seems too high. Service and food were pretty good though they presented the saddest amouse bouche (the greeting from chef, something to wet your palette) I have ever had. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t sure if it was a joke. Chewy tartlette with onions, bacon and cheese. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what they had leftover from Inn’s buffet breakfast. I couldnt even bite through. Gladly the rest of our experience was better, the complimentary desert plate was really lack luster again. Chewy bland cannele cookies, tasteless fruit tart and I didnt even try the other two. Oh and re hippo and other sculptures etc, apparently owner’s wife  is the artist. This is not a diss on her skills, the sculptures were really well done but seemed totally random in an historic inn.

Image result for thomas henkelmann menu

Thomas Henkelman Inn

We quickly snapped a photo on our way out – flash was on so I look like I am possessed. And she cropped it so sadly my shoes are not visible.

hot pink amanda uprichard dress

Date night

3.Do you shop at Revolve? Their selection definitely veers toward younger and/or I am too sexy for my body, too sexy… but here and there they have some really cute options. Don’t make me wrong, I encourage women to show their legs or arms or what not but not all at once with a whiff of desperado look look before it goes bad! Anyhuu, I am obsessed with these maxi dresses.

Easy dress, sexy but not trying so hard way. So cute with a wrap and thin cashmere cardigan over it.


Love this one so much. With red lip, nude heels and a low bun this dress would be amazing for a very chic dinner.

All you need to know about adopting a dog.

Warning: this is a long post. Definitely get a cup of coffee while reading this! 🙂
So to be honest, I didnt see myself as a puppy owner. The only animals I was potentially interested in getting were animal statues for the garden.
Related image
I definitely did not want a puppy. Between my daughters and myself there’s a lot of hair to be vacuumed up as is. I also wanted to avoid this specific situation. I mean my money is in my shoes!
Related image
But my husband who never asks for anything wanted a dog. And of course so did the kids. I caved about a year ago and did some research what type of dog would be a good fit for us. There’s tests you can take online, they ask what your living situation is and how active you are etc. Apparently my ideal dog would be one of the tiny puppies that Paris Hilton etc carried around in their purses. Um, no thanks. I want a dog that looks like a dog damn it. Also I’d like a dog that is healthy, medium sized, good tempered and loyal, doesn’t shed, good guard dog and lives a long life. The internet suggested a breed I had never even heard of – Black Mouth Cur, a title character from “Old Yeller.”  Dependable and hardy, Curs were used by pioneers down South to herd cattle, hunt wild boar and guard property.
All right. Let’s do it. I wanted to adopt rather than buy and I wanted to get a puppy as I knew how hard it would be to retrain an older dog more set in its ways. I also wanted a puppy so he or she wouldn’t die when girls leave for college.
I found a puppy we all loved, submitted an application along with references and sort of expected a dog to be ready for pick up in a week or so. Wrong.  A month later I was told that puppy had been given to someone else. We were sad and upset. I tried again, several weeks later, after multiple inquires, I finally got a call saying our cat was ready. Cat? And so it went. I learned that most if not all rescues are run by volunteers and attention to details is a little lacking. Our papers got misplaced, dogs were promised to others – whoever had submitted an application earlier gets first dibs so to say. It was really really frustrating. I filed one application after another, set up a vet account without actually having had an animal, and my poor friends had to testify a few times whether or not we would be good dog owners. I took a break and few months later decided to try one last time.  Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had a litter of black mouth curs in. I sent in my application and promptly got a call back. This is how it went down and it was not easy.
– initial phone interview: Lindsay from Rescue Dogs was very sweet and patiently listened to my complaints about the process. After our interview, she called both the vet and my references.
– virtual home tour: we Facetimed with the lady who wanted to meet the entire family and then I had to walk her through our entire house including the unfinished part of the basement and garden. I said something like this is overkill but she said they see it all the time that people lie about their property.
– we were approved! I was given foster’s contact info who was the sweetest woman but sort of interviewed me on her own. What I didnt realize what that this family in Connecticut had taken in mom Sadie, only surviving daughter from first litter Rosie and ten 5 week puppies! And she had grown attached to all these puppies and wanted to make sure they go to good homes.
– we drive to meet the puppies and pick ours out. Normally you pick before but since there were several still available, I asked if we could go see which one we love the most. I liked the one called Storm, huge puppy who promptly tore into my UGG boots, so he was out. Melanie loved Sailor, the shiest and most timid one who wanted to get as far away from us. We picked Sailor of course and ironically he loves to shred the same UGG boots.
– in person home visit: since they expedited our process so we wouldnt miss out on the puppies, we were told in person home interview will take place post adoption. All family had to be present, she checked most rooms, talked to children, made sure the  dog had suitable sleeping arrangement etc and that was that. I also talk to a woman from adoption agency called Stephanie who offers online support and sort of keeps an eye on things. All her family work as cops in NYC so you want to say all the right things. 🙂

Our puppy Sailor, about 3 months here

I had researched this to death and thought I was pretty knowledgeable. I wasn’t. Everyone gave well meaning advice but lot of it was contradictory and it was confusing. I received handouts from the rescue but it wasn’t puppy specific. For example, it said to take the dog out for a 10 min walk before taking him in the house when we arrive. Sailor was terrified and at 3 months not quite able to walk 10 min.
Here’s what you need to know:
1. Puppies are like newborns, super cute but will need to be potty trained. They will need to sleep in the same room with you and be taken out to potty a few times through the night. That part was rough. We got him at Thanksgiving and by Christmas he was sleeping in the living room crate and slept through the night.
2. They will eat SO much in the beginning as they are growing rapidly. It slows down from 3 to 2 meals after the first 6 months.
3. Puppies have super sharp teeth and love to bite and chew. Your children shouldn’t lay down with puppies face to face or cuddle with them unsupervised. Puppies will view them as litter mates and they will bite because that’s how they play.
4. Puppy shouldn’t have free rein in the house, only when supervised and other times need to be in the playpen (like babies) or crate. They can’t be left alone longer than 2 hours at first and when you leave they must be securely in the crate not the pen.
5. Yelling or punishing doesn’t work. The corrective behavior should be redirecting (don’t chew on this, here’s your chew toy), crate and treat training. I highly highly recommend enrolling in the puppy training class. The earlier the better. 6 weeks to 6 months is the age where any bad experience (fear imprint) will leave a mark but they also take in all the training. 6-9 months are the teenage years for puppies, so it’ll be much challenging to start training then.
6. Educate your family and friends that the right way to pet a pet is not by shoving your hand in his face and it is definitely not touching his head! You need to ask if you may pet the puppy and then pet the body of a dog, NOT the face. I can’t tell you how many times I have had kids jump over and quickly touch his face. Startles me let alone the dog.
black mouth cur
7. Most adoptees get returned in the first few months when the cute puppy stage wears off and they start barking and chewing etc. Be aware that there’ll be some challenging times like with children and you need to properly train your dog and it’s no fun. For a dog to retain a command, it must be repeated 2000 times. Again, exactly like with children.
black mouth cur

I had 2 rules: no dogs allowed on beds and couches, esp not on those fur throws. Clearly going exactly as planned!


I am glad we adopted. Sailor was extremely skittish and nervous, he has come a long way but it’s been a lot of work. As a herding dog he needs a lot of exercise, much more than I would prefer! Especially when it’s cold. I feel safer in the house as no-one can get near without him knowing about it. I love seeing girls cuddle with him and my husband play tug of war after work. And if deer stay away from my roses because of Sailor – awesome. Of course, I need to get Sailor to stay away from roses also. 🙂


House of the week – Weston

When I started writing these Wednesday House of the Week posts I imagined I’d find all sorts of interesting homes at various price points but it really hasn’t been the case. So many homes around Fairfield County look great from the outside and/or have a beautiful location but then you get inside and list of updates is miles long. Outdated narrow oriental stair runners, cherry cabinets, brass shower fixtures from 80s, etc. Happy to report though that 2 homes featured here are already under contract! Yay!

This week’s house is in Weston: 6 beds, 6 baths, almost 9000 sq.ft.

I know lot of people prefer to have the pool right close to the house, easy access to kitchen and bathrooms but it is nice to have it farther away so you are not looking at closed pool 9 months out of the year. I really like the circular driveway also.

Home office: I like the dark wood and white paint combo, modern but warm and welcoming.

Not the largest kitchen but nice view of the fireplace.

Living area is really spacious, the butler’s pantry is off to the side. 2nd fridge is in there too. I am seeing some newer homes combining pantry and butler’s pantry with 2nd fridge and double ovens.

I don’t know how they watch the TV but it nice not to have it over the fireplace and dominate the room.

Master bath is outdated for $1.8M, esp that tile.

Did the tile shop have a sale they couldn’t say no to?

Pool area

More details here.

Monday Musings: what do we hide?

I hope everyone slept well and is fully ready to take on this week! We had a lovely weekend of gardening and fun get together with friends but I am awful sore from all the digging we did in preparation of planting the roses I ordered!

1. I was at a ladies luncheon and while chatting with a group of them somehow the talk went to who does what to their faces (Botox, fillers, laser) and they all said they hide it from their husbands. I feel like mine wishes he knew less than he does! Do you hide your purchases from your partner? I was a little taken back. My husband doesnt regulate my spending but he has complained about all the Christmas stuff. Oops! Well let me take that back, I guess I do hide some stuff from him!!!

Image result for hiding purchases from your spouse meme

I like to go to estate sales and thrift stores, I love the hunt of it and more often than not, it will be holiday purchases! I have snuck some stuff into the basement w/o him knowing! Hubs and my daughters just needed to get me out of the house so they could bake my birthday cake. I had full permission to go get something nice but I ended up buying this culinary Santa, brand new but bike is broken. I haggled it down to $20 and need to get to jewelers so they could solder it together. LOL.

2. Lord&Taylor put together a fashion show of spring trends and one of my biggest pet peeves was front and center: ankle boots with dresses.

Related image

I see it all the time.

Related image

Unless you are unbelievably skinny and tall, this trend is guaranteed to make you look heavier and shorter. Look at the visual lines, even in the light color it cuts off the line of you leg and makes visible bare leg look shorter. If you absolutely must do this trend with dresses, pick booties or sandals that are lower on the side.

ankle booties with dress

Fancy Ashley

3. Do you have your Easter decor out yet? I have done nothing! We are in the midst of getting some furniture in, house is a mess and it snowed the other day here in Connecticut. But I better get to it. I think my planters in the front still have old holiday stuff in it. I am totally obsessed with this planter from Serendipity Refined – how gorgeous is this!!!


or this also from her


Deborah Silver is an uber talented landscape designer and her planters are so unique, I love how she combines different colors and materials.

#spring #urn

Love these too, easily customizable to your favorite color.

Renovations that add most value to your house.

I was staging a house last year for a lovely family who had decided to move so they could be closer to their kids colleges. Unfortunately, as we were getting ready to list $1M+ home, I could already tell that despite our best efforts, this was going to be difficult. Reason being – horribly outdated master bathroom. They had taken down some walls, opened op the kitchen, redone the fireplaces, all lighting, adding new HVAC and completely remodeled the kitchen and the mudroom. Kitchen was fantastic. As you walk in you see this beautiful entry, high ceilings, gorgeous kitchen and then cross the master to this large pink marble coated bathroom, we are talking all surfaces, with rusty brass finishes everywhere. It would have cost around $15K to redo that master and there was such a difference between that and the rest of the house that unfortunately any buyer is walking off thinking must undertake this massive project.

It is hard though to renovate when you are not planning to move any time soon, then you do things that make sense for your family. Sometimes life happens and there’s not much you can do. You will renovate for yourself first and foremost and you must realize you will never recoup 100% of your investment, but some are certainly worth the effort more than others. Let’s have a look which renovations will add more value to your house.

1. Always check out the market value of your house before deciding on what to renovate. If your house if worth $750,000 and other houses similar to yours top out at $800,000, then you should plan to spend no more than $50,000 on renovations. and even with you’ll just break even.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019

Elle Decor: most popular kitchens in 2019.

2. This you all know: kitchens and bathrooms renos have the best return on your investment. Market analysis comes handy here too. For example, around us in Fairfield County most houses houses under $1M will usually have quartz countertops, but in homes over $1M marble is more common. If your cabinets are in great condition, sometimes all you have to do is paint them and/or replace the fronts, updating the counters and backsplash is usually a good idea. Bathrooms will benefit from new fixtures and lighting. Spending around $20,000 on a remodel will get you 80-90% ROI, anymore than that and you will be getting back about 54%.

white master bathroom with a tub

Renovated master bathroom: here’s a bathroom HDS Design renovated. The tile was blue and white with some decorative pieces mixed in which made it look messy and dated. Wall tile was painted, as were the walls, moldings and vanity, new fixtures installed and fan installed.

3. Curb appeal – in my opinion the most overlooked upgrade to your house at any price point. Overgrown foundation plants that obscure the house, mature trees that haven’t been trimmed, and unkempt bushes all deduct from the value of the house.  More than anything, nice curb appeal suggests that house as its grounds is well maintained.

Image result for remodeling impact report

4. Finish your basement – it will add more heated square footage and instantly add a teenage rec room, playroom or man cave.

5. Create more space by opening up some walls. Especially in older homes with more smaller rooms, it pays to take down a wall or two to create a better flow and more open space. You should definitely consult an interior designer or very knowledgeable contractor so you have a better idea of the look you are going for.

Infographic showing percentage of ROI on each home project.


As I said in the beginning, you must take into account other homes in your price range. If you are selling a home over $1M, you should consider adding upgrades such as these:

– LED lighting
– Smart thermostats
– Window shade, window, and door automation
– Sensor faucets
– Home entertainment systems
– Smart appliances
– Built-in iPad holders and device re-charging stations
– Water filtration systems
– Smart lighting, entertainment, surveillance, and sprinkler systems
– Amazon Echo and Google Home integration
– Home system integration

WSJ had a great article on top 10 upgrades for luxury market here.

Also keep in mind who would be your target buyer when you do sell. Is it a bachelor, a childless couple or a family and then plan accordingly.